Caiman – Egoza razor wire, barbed wire, fences

Caiman Production Group is one of market’s leaders in Ukraine in the field of perimeter protection engineering systems. Caiman PG Co., Ltd. produces and delivers a wide range of products, designed for objects’ protection from malefactors encroachments – Egoza razor wire, Concertina, security barriers Cobra, Alligator, Antipirate, Piranha obstacle, traditional barbed wire, barriers, fences and much more. Cayman PG Co., Ltd. can deliver an assortment of steel wire. Caiman has large production facilities, allowing to satisfy the demand in Egoza barbed wire and other products in any necessary volume, and our professional fitters will perform works on installation of Egoza obstacles and other perimeter protection systems on objects of any complexity. The Egoza barbed wire is certified and has a long service life.

Caiman news

Caiman – 25 years in the barbed wire market

29 августа 2019 года «Кайман» отмечает круглую дату – 25 лет с момента его основания.

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"Caiman" - only high-quality barbed wire "Egoza"

Production group "Caiman" is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of fences and barriers on the basis of barbed wire and reinforced barbed tape.

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The quality and safety of Production group "Caiman" products are confirmed by the certificate UkrSEPRO

Production group "Caiman" has successfully passed the recertification of the whole range of barbed wire fences in UkrSEPRO.

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Barbed-cutting fences from "Caiman" passed the certification of the Ministry of Interior Affairs

Production Group "Caiman" received the certificate of conformity of MIA of Ukraine number DTSS ZOP.1.1O071.0022-15 on barbed wire fences and their varieties.

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Video surveillance systems cable

Cable for video surveillance systems is often one of the most important factors affecting both the cost of a video surveillance system and its efficiency.

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How to choose a barbed obstacle

Purchasing a particular type of barbed wire or security barrier, one should assess the expediency of expenditures and products’ quality.

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How to purchase barbed wire Egoza?

Going to buy Egoza but interested only in high-quality single wire Egoza? Egoza can be purchased directly from the manufacturer Caiman PG Co., Ltd.

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Price of barbed wire Egoza

Price of Egoza barbed wire may be an indicator of its quality – high-quality Egoza cannot be manufactured if cheap raw materials and handicraft Egoza production technology are used.

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Egoza, Caiman and other trademarks

We promote, mark and sell our products only under those trademarks, which we have the legal rights to use. Caiman Group is licensed to use the trademarks Egoza, Caiman, Concertina, Cobra and many others to mark barbed wire Egoza and other products of PG Caiman Co., Ltd.