Egoza barbed wire – Chernihiv and Chernihivs'ka oblast

Free delivery of Egoza barbed wire and security barriers is made all over the territory of Chernihivs'ka oblast promptly, within 24 hours from the moment of order placement. Egoza barbed wire is delivered to all inhabited settlements of Chernihivs’ka oblast – to Pryluky and Chernihiv, Semenivka and Nizhyn, Kozelets' and Ripky, Koryukivka, Lynovytsya and Nosivka, Shchors and Talalayivka. Barbed wire is delivered free of charge to the following cities: Bobrovytsya and Desna, Novhorod-Sivers'kyy, Ladan and Horodnya, Kulykivka, Mena and Korop, Bakhmach and Sosnytsya. Egoza barbed wire of Caiman Production Group is delivered across Chernihivs'ka oblast to the following towns: Ichnya and Berezna, Kobyzhcha and Borzna, Losynivka and Varva, Kurin' and other inhabited settlements.

Delivery of barbed wire is made not only across Chernihivs'ka oblast but to all inhabited settlements of neighboring oblasts. Barbed wire of Caiman Production Group is delivered for free to Kyivs'ka oblast, to Sums'ka and Poltavs'ka oblasts of Ukraine. Monobasic and dibasic barbed wire is delivered by Caiman Production Group to the same oblasts and districts where wire-reinforced barbed tape Egoza is delivered.

Delivery of barbed wire in bulk is made for every customer on an individual basis. Egoza barbed wire and Egoza concertina are delivered free of charge to any location of Chernihivs'ka oblast within convenient terms for a customer. Egoza barbed wire purchased in bulk is cheaper than Caiman Production Group’s Egoza sold by retail.

Free delivery of Egoza is made to all districts of Chernihivs'ka oblast – to Bakhmats'kyy and Korops'kyy districts, Varvyns'kyy and Nosivs'kyy districts, Horodnyans'kyy district, Kulykivs'kyy and Ichnyans'kyy districts, Kozelets'kyy district, Sribnyans'kyy and Koryukivs'kyy districts, Mens'kyy and Nizhyns'kyy districts. Egoza wire is delivered to Bobrovyts'kyy district, Shchors'kyy and Pryluts'kyy districts, Ripkyns'kyy district, Semenivs'kyy and Borznyans'kyy districts of Chernihivs'ka oblast. Egoza barbed wire delivery is also made to Sosnyts'kyy and Talalayivs'kyy districts, Chernihivs'kyy and Novhorod-Sivers'kyy districts of Chernihivs'ka oblast of Ukraine.