Barbed wire Egoza – Donets’k and Donets’ka oblast

Caiman Production Group makes free delivery of its products – Egoza barbed wire and Egoza security barriers to Donets’k and Donets’ka oblast. As Donets’ka oblast is one of the most developed industrial regions of Ukraine, it’s also one of biggest Egoza’s barbed wire consumers in Ukraine. Egoza barbed wire delivery across Donets’ka oblast is prompt, within 24 hours, to all big settlements – Donets'k and Avdiyivka, Yasynuvata and Artemivs'k, Dzerzhyns'k, Dymytrov and Yenakiyeve, Krasnyy Lyman and Dobropillya, Slov"yans'k and Druzhkivka. Moreover, Egoza barbed wire is delivered for free to Zhdanivka and Mariupol', Kirovs'ke and Kostyantynivka, Horlivka, Kramators'k and Debal'tseve, Krasnoarmiys'k and Makiyivka, Dokuchayevs'k, Novohrodivka and other settlements of Donets'ka oblast. Wire-reinforced barbed tape Egoza is also delivered to Selydove and Torez, Uhledar and Khartsyz'k, Snizhne, Shakhtars’k and a lot of other cities of Donets'ka oblast of Ukraine.

Egoza barbed wire of Caiman Production Group is delivered for free to Dnipropetrovs’ka and Zaporiz'ka oblasts, as well as to Kharkivs'ka and Luhans'ka oblasts of Ukraine which are contiguous to Donets’ka oblast. Monobasic and dibasic barbed wire is delivered by Caiman Production Group across Donets’ka oblast to all towns and settlements.

Customers who purchase Egoza barbed wire wholesale in big volumes can expect free delivery on an individual basis – barbed wire will be delivered to any location of Donets’ka oblast strictly within preliminary agreed terms. Egoza barbed wire price shall be much more favorable than the retail price if it is purchased wholesale in big volumes.

Across Donets’ka oblast Egoza barbed wire is delivered free of charge to all its districts - Oleksandrivs'kyy and Amvrosiyivs'kyy districts, Artemivs'kyy, Velykonovosilkivs'kyy and Slov’yans'kyy districts, Volodars'kyy and Shakhtars'kyy districts, Dobropil's'kyy and Volnovas'kyy districts. Egoza razor wire is also delivered for free to Kostyantynivs'kyy and Yasynuvats'kyy districts, Mar’yins'kyy and Novoazovs'kyy districts, Krasnoarmiys'kyy, Pershotravnevyy and Starobeshivs'kyy districts, as well as to Krasnolymans'kyy and Tel'manivs'kyy districts of Donets'ka oblast.