Egoza barbed wire – Kyiv and Kyivs'ka oblast

Egoza barbed wire and Egoza security barriers are freely delivered to Kyiv and Kyivs'ka oblast. Delivery is made promptly, within 24 hours after an order placement. After Egoza barbed wire has been purchased there is no need to worry about delivery – we make free delivery to Kyiv and other big settlements of Kyivs'ka oblast – Bila Tserkva and Slavutych, Brovary and Yahotyn, Boryspil' and Ukrayinka, Vyshneve and Vyshhorod, Fastiv and Skvyra, Bucha and Bohuslav. Egoza barbed wire is also delivered to following cities – Vasyl'kiv and Berezan', Irpin' and Tetiyiv, Boyarka and Kotsyubyns'ke, Obukhiv and Kaharlyk, Pereyaslav-Khmel'nyts'kyy and Hostomel' as well as to other settlements of Kyivs'ka oblast.

Barbed wire of Caiman Production Group is delivered free of charge to Chernihivs'ka and Zhytomyrs'ka oblasts, as well as to Cherkas'ka, Vinnyts'ka and Poltavs'ka oblasts which are contiguous to Kyivs'ka oblast. Traditional barbed wire is also sold and delivered to these regions by Caiman Production Group.

In case of bulk purchase of Egoza barbed wire we make delivery on an individual basis to any location of Kyiv and Kyivs'ka oblast strictly within agreed terms. In such a case Egoza barbed wire price may also be agreed on an individual basis.

Egoza barbed wire and Egoza protective barriers of Caiman Production Group are delivered for free to all districts of Kyivs'ka oblast – Baryshivs'kyy and Bilotserkivs'kyy districts, Myronivs'kyy and Obukhivs'kyy district, Borodyans'kyy district, Volodars'kyy and Zhurivs'kyy districts, Vyshhorods'kyy and Ivankivs'kyy districts. Barbed wire is delivered free of charge across Kyyivs'ka oblast to Bohuslavs'kyy and Polis'kyy districts, Rokytnyans'kyy and Skvyrs'kyy districts, Boryspil's'kyy district, Kaharlyts'kyy and Kyievo-Svyatoshyns'kyy districts, Fastivs'kyy district. Egoza barbed wire is freely delivered to Yahotyns'kyy and Makarivs'kyy districts, Pereyaslav-Khmel'nyts'kyy and Stavyshchens'kyy districts, Tarashchans'kyy district, Brovars'kyy and Vasyl'kivs'kyy districts, as well as to Tetiyivs'kyy district of Kyivs'ka oblast.