Egoza barbed wire – Kropiwnicki and Kirovohrads'ka oblast

Egoza barbed wire is delivered to all big settlements of Kirovohrads'ka oblast for free. Delivery of Egoza barriers and barbed wire is made within 24 hours from the moment of order placement. Egoza is delivered to Kropiwnicki and Pomichnu, Svitlovods'k and Novomyrhorod, Oleksandrivka, Znam"yanka and Nove, Hayvoron and Novu Prahu. Egoza barbed wire is delivered free of charge to Smoline and Dolyns'ku, Vlasivku and Oleksandriyu, Bobrynets' and Novoukrayinku, Petrove, Malu Vysku and other cities of Kirovohrads'ka oblast.

Free delivery of Egoza barbed wire of Caiman Production Group is made to contiguous regions – to Cherkas'ka and Poltavs'ku oblasts, to Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast, to Mykolayivs'ka and Odes'ka oblasts, as well as to Vinnyts'ka oblast of Ukraine. Traditional barbed wire can also be delivered by Caiman Production Group to the same regions where wire-reinforced barbed tape Egoza is delivered.

Barbed wire purchased from Caiman Production Group in bulk is delivered to a customer on an individual basis. Delivery is made within any convenient terms for a customer, to any location of Kirovohrads'ka oblast. Egoza bulk price is much lower than the price for small consignments.

Egoza barbed wire and razor barbed wire barriers are delivered for free to all districts of Kirovohrads'ka oblast – Oleksandriys'kyy and Bobrynets'kyy districts, Oleksandrivs'kyy and Hayvorons'kyy districts, Dolyns'kyy district, Kirovohrads'kyy and Novomyrhorods'kyy districts, Onufriyivs'kyy and Znam"yans'kyy districts. Egoza wire and Egoza barriers are delivered to Ustynivs'kyy district, Kompaniyivs'kyy and Malovyskivs'kyy districts, Dobrovelychkivs'kyy and Novhorodkivs'kyy districts, Holovanivs'kyy, Svitlovods'kyy and Novoarkhanhel's'kyy districts, Ul'yanovs'kyy and Novoukrayins'kyy districts, Vil'shans'kyy and Petrivs'kyy districts of Kirovohrads'ka oblast.