Egoza barbed wire – Vinnytsya and Vinnyts'ka oblast

Caiman Production Group makes free deliveries of Egoza security barriers and Egoza barbed wire to Vinnytsya and Vinnyts'ka oblast. Delivery of Egoza barbed wire will be made within 24 hours from the moment of effecting a deal. Egoza barbed wire is delivered to all big settlements of Vinnyts'ka oblast – Vinnytsya and Bershad’, Zhmerynka and Hnivan’, Mohyliv-Podil’s’kyy and Nemyriv, Khmel’nyk and Yampil’, Haysyn and Illintsi. Egoza security barriers are also delivered to the following settlements: Kazyatyn and Pohrebyshche, Ladyzhyn and Lypovets’, Kalynivka and Kryzhopil’, Bar, Stryzhavka and Tul’chyn and other big settlements of Vinnyts'ka oblast.

Egoza barbed wire is delivered to Zhytomyrs’ka, Kyyvs’ka and Cherkas’ka oblasts, Kirovohrads’ka and Khmel’nyts’ka oblasts as well as to Chernivets’ka and Odes’ka oblasts which are contiguous to Vinnyts'ka oblast. Caiman Production Group also delivers traditional monobasic and dibasic barbed wire.

Big volume consignments of our products – Egoza concertina and Egoza barbed wire are delivered also free of charge and individually. If you are looking to purchasing Egoza barbed wire free delivery could be made to any location of Vinnytsya and Vinnyts'ka oblast, and the price will be lower if compared with small orders.

Across Vinnyts'ka oblast Egoza barbed wire is free delivered to all oblast’s districts – Bars’kyy and Bershads’kyy districts, Vinnyts’kyy and Haysyns’kyy districts, Pohrebyshchens’kyy and Teplyts’kyy districts, Zhmeryns’kyy district, Lityns’kyy and Mohyliv-Podil’skyy districts, Lypovets’kyy district. Egoza security barriers are delivered free to Murovanokyrylovets’kyy district, Nemyrivs’kyy and Illinets’kyy districts, Kalynivets’kyy district, Kozyatyns’kyy and Kryzhopil’s’kyy districts, Tyl’chyns’kyy and Orativs’kyy districts, Pishchans’kyy district. Egoza barbed wire is delivered to Chechel’nyts’kyy and Sharhorods’kyy districts, Tomashpil’s’kyy and Trostyanets’kyy districts, Tyvrivs’kyy, Khmil’nyts’kyy and Chernivets’kyy districts, to Yampil’s’kyy district of Vinnyts'ka oblast.