Egoza barbed wire – Zaporizhzhya and Zaporiz'ka oblast

Zaporiz'ka oblast is one of the most developed industrial areas of Ukraine, that’s why Caiman Production Group pays special attention to its products delivery to Zaporiz'ka oblast. Egoza barbed wire delivery is made free of charge and promptly, within 24 hours. Egoza barbed wire is delivered for free across Zaporiz'ka oblast to all its big settlements – Zaporizhzhya and Vil'nyans'k, Melitopol' and Vasylivka, Berdyans'k and Kam’yanka-Dniprovs'ka, Enerhodar, Mykhaylivka and Tokmak. Egoza barbed wire is delivered to Prymors'k and Polohy, Yakymivka and Dniprorudne, Kostyantynivka and Orikhiv, Vesele, Hulyaypole and other cities and settlements of Zaporiz'ka oblast.

Egoza barbed wire and Egoza barriers are also delivered to the settlements which are contiguous to Zaporiz'ka oblast – Khersons'ka oblast, Dnipropetrovs'ka oblast and Donets'ka oblast of Ukraine. Traditional barbed wire is delivered by Caiman Production Group to all recpective regions as well.

Free delivery of Egoza barbed wire bulk consignments is made on an individual basis. In case of bulk buying we’ll make free delivery of Egoza barbed wire any convenient time for a customer, to any location of Zaporiz'ka oblast. It should be mentioned that Egoza barbed wire’s price in case of bulk purchase will be much lower than the retail price.

Barbed wire is delivered free and promptly to all districts of Zaporiz'ka oblast – Yakymivs'kyy and Berdyans'kyy districts, Veselivs'kyy and Tokmats'kyy districts, Hulyaypil's'kyy, Zaporiz'kyy and Kam"yans'ko-Dniprovs'kyy districts, Vil'nyans'kyy and Melitopol's'kyy districts. Egoza security barriers and barbed wire Egoza are also delivered to Pryazovs'kyy and Rozivs'kyy districts, Vasylivs'kyy and Mykhaylivs'kyy districts, Novomykolayivs'kyy, Orikhivs'kyy and Velykobilozers'kyy districts, Polohivs'kyy district, Kuybyshevs'kyy, Prymors'kyy and Chernihivs'kyy districts of Zaporiz'ka oblast.