Our customers frequently come across a set of questions, connected with security issues as a whole and with use of our products in particular. It is difficult enough to answer all the questions during a conversation, as far as the issue of high-quality protection of objects is too comprehensive. Therefore we try to collect diverse security information within this section of the web-site, which should be of interest to our existing and potential customers.

Here the helpful information as to the activity profile of Production Group Caiman is collected – reference materials, the information on history of barbed wire and engineering perimeter protection systems, articles and reviews in the field of security systems and protection of objects. Besides, our clients can find here an advice on how to purchase barbed wire, reinforced razor wire and razor wire concertina obstacles, as well as a lot of helpful information on peculiarities of different perimeter protection systems, new products development, criteria of product’s quality.

Information on following topics can be found in this section of the web-site:

We also have not omitted the history of creation and development of different types of objects’ security measures. There’s no doubt the historical reference on different types of object protection will help to understand the modern variety of security solutions, available in the security market. This section also contains the information on legal and other questions – concerning the intellectual property, about methods of products counterfeiting, criteria of choosing a high-quality product. We hope the information contained here will be of much use to our customers in making the right choice and not to become victims of swindlers.