Integrated security system of explosives warehouses

Integrated security system

Implementation of an integrated system to protect the perimeter of explosives warehouse of perimeter protection engineering and technical means (engineering barriers, alarm, video surveillance) of Ltd "PG" Caiman" in Kiev.

Egoza against undermining

Barbed wire Egoza – protection against undermining of a fence For protection of object’s territory fences of different types are commonly used. There are only three ways of overcoming any obstacle – destroy it, climb it over or undermine it.

Double concertina Cobra

Double concertina Cobra

Concertina Egoza and Egoza-Super are rather effective type of obstacle but its reliability is not always sufficient.

Egoza-Super – security of an airport

Egoza-Super – security of an airport

Usually the barbed wire or concertina Egoza are insufficiently reliable, therefore in order to protect the airport’s perimeter or similar objects.

Antipirate – sea-craft protection system

Egoza – protection against pirates

Seizure of a tanker or a dry-cargo ship by pirates – a really existing threat, it’s continually reported in the news that Somali pirates have seized another one vessel.