Egoza against undermining

Barbed wire Egoza – protection against undermining of a fence

In order to protect the territory of objects fences of different types are usually used – Rabitz wire fences, welded wire mesh fences, shaped sheet fences, concrete fences and other types. A high-quality fence effectively fulfills its function serving as a reliable barrier from undesirable subjects, but, as any another protective structure, the fence is not deprived of weak spots. There are only three ways to surmount any obstacle – to destroy it, to climb over it or, having executed undermining, to overcome a fence from below. Usually one takes into consideration only first two ways of overcoming a fence as an obstacle when enclosing the territory and successfully tackles them – structure and materials used prevent the fence from destruction, and in order to prevent it from climbing over various means are used – from spikes and traditional barbed wire to security barriers Egoza. The undermining issue often remains unsolved.

Egoza as anti-undermining solution for fences

During the installation a fence can be placed onto a solid strip foundation, excluding a possibility of undermining. But firstly such a decision is not always rational because of economic reasons – the strip foundation is costly, and secondly, it’s not always possible to lay such type of a fence foundation for lengthy obstacles, installed on rough terrain. Columns are commonly used for fence installation, concreted one by one, at the same time a fence is not protected absolutely from undermining in intervals between columns. Lately razor wire concertina Egoza was successfully applied to solve this problem which had been installed only on the top of fences and obstacles before. Razor wire concertina Egoza, buried deep in the ground along the fence perimeter, prevents a possibility of undermining the fence, as well as protects the perimeter of an object from infiltration in its territory in case of land erosion under the fence for any natural reasons. For these purposes only high-quality domestically produced barbed wire Egoza is appropriate, considering the peculiarities of Egoza maintenance deepened in the ground, for example, of PG Caiman Co., Ltd. Meanwhile low-cost analogues wear out very quickly.

Piranha made of razor wire Egoza – a ready solution against undermining

As it was specified above, the concertina made of Egoza razor wire deepened in the ground along the perimeter of any fence type can be used, for protection of a fence against its possible overcoming by means of undermining. But it’s also possible to use another and more effective solution – the razor mesh Piranha made of Egoza barbed wire for reliable protection of the territory. In this case the razor mesh Piranha made of Egoza barbed wire goes deep into the ground to a certain depth during the installation, preventing the malefactors from undermining the fence and from infiltration into the fenced territory. The use of a through mesh of Piranha allows to eliminate all the ways of fence overcoming at a time – destruction, climbing over and undermining.

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