Egoza quality assurance

How to choose qualitative Egoza

Caiman produces only reliable products, especially it concerns the articles designed for objects’ protection from malefactors. We do our best to supply only top quality products to our customers, meeting all the necessary standards. High quality of reinforced barbed tape manufactured by us is proved by multiple certificates and test protocols of corresponding modern technical conditions. The products are advertised and sold only under trademarks which we have been authorized to use by right holders.

Egoza certificates of conformity

Egoza barbed tape and security barriers Egoza manufactured by us have certificates of conformity, isued by State System of Certification “UkrSEPRO” of products: Concertina barbed tape, Egoza, Egoza-Super and Caiman, as well as of razor obstacle Egoza, Concertina, Egoza-Super, Caiman and Cobra.

Egoza technical specifications

Our razor wire Egoza and barbed tape obstacles of all types are produced strictly in complience with modern technical specifications TU U 28.7-21804553-001:2009 and TU U 28.7-21804553-002:2009; made of raw materials of high quality. Depending upon wire-reinforced barbed tape, concertina type and on service conditions, our products warranty can vary from 10 to 50 years.

Egoza test protocols

Egoza barbed wire and flat security barrier Egoza of Caiman Production Group have been successfully tested in the laboratory of Lugansk affiliate of Building Constructions’ State Research Institute on compliance with technical specifications TU U 28.7-21804553-001:2009 and TU U 28.7-21804553-002:2009, what is confirmed by respective test protocols.

Egoza trademark

Our barbed wire and concertina barriers are promoted and sold only under trademarks whereon we legal rights. Caiman Production Group has right to use Egoza trademark what is duly confirmed by respective license of right owner.