Egoza-Super – security of an airport

Egoza-Super – security of an airport

Airport is an important object, which security should be provided at the highest level. Seizure of a plane by terrorists can be carried out with various purposes – ransom payment, crossing the border of a state, or committing of a large-scale act of terrorism. An obvious example in what can result the airport security negligence can be demonstrated by the events of September, 11th when several thousand peaceful citizens have been injured in terrorist acts. Fortunately, security measures taken by security services of the airports reduce chances of infiltration aboard the plane of malefactors pretending to be passengers to a minimum. The modern technique is used for this purpose, safety in the air terminal building is provided by well-trained specialists. But as to the security issue on the very airfield, it’s is not good enough.

The basic problem of airport’s territory protection is big extension of an object’s perimeter. It’s very difficult to support the necessary level of security on all the perimeter of an airfield, to detect and detain intruders in due time. Even when malefactors have been detected, the security service of an airport needs some time to get to the scene. Namely time is a major factor defining the reliability of perimeter protection of an airport and it should be sufficient for the airport security to react.

There are several ways to protect the territory of an airport from undesirable subjects, which vary in effectiveness and cost. Simplest and cheapest way – a barbed wire fence, stretched in several rows between the columns. Such a fence will protect the airfield from animals and sluggish intruders – as cutting barbed wire with normal nippers will take minimum efforts and several seconds. An airport airfield can be fenced with a brick or concrete fence over which barbed wire will be stretched, but in this case the cost of building a fence extending over many kilometers would be very high, and efficiency of perimeter protection of the airport will be only slightly better than of a barbed wire fence. Traditional barbed wire installed on a fence, can be overcome by means of flooring or cutting the wire in some minutes, without being a special problem for intruders. Security barrier Egoza can be installed on the top of a fence instead of traditional barbed wire – that was the most efficient way to protect an airport’s perimeter until recently. Security barrier Egoza cannot be overcome by means of flooring, razor barbed wire Egoza is far more durable than normal barbed wire and it is more difficult to cut. Concertina Egoza will detain unprepared intruders but if malefactors made necessary preparations in advance, they can quickly cut a barbed tape obstacle Egoza by means of a special purpose tool.

New generation barbed wire – wire-reinforced barbed tape Egoza-Super allows solving a problem of airport’s perimeter protection to a large extent. Unlike traditional barbed tape Egoza, it has a considerably bigger diameter and higher durability, surpassing traditional barbed tape Egoza by dozen times. It is difficult to cut razor barbed wire Egoza-Super even by means of a special purpose tool due to what the obstacle Egoza-Super detains intruders for time sufficient for reaction of the airport’s security service. One more useful attribute of wire-reinforced barbed tape Egoza-Super is a possibility of manufacturing security barriers of it of big diameter due to what they can be installed right over the ground, without an expensive fence. Razor barbed wire Egoza-Super is usually installed in one or several rows over the ground or with the use of auxiliary metalwork. The absence of a fence allows significant reducing of the construction cost and gives a good view over the territory adjoining the airport.

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