How to choose a barbed obstacle

Choosing a barbed wire obstacle

The area of application of engineering protective systems is wide enough – starting from small land parcels, private court yards, finishing with big enterprises and access-controlled objects. Therefore, when purchasing a particular barbed wire or a protective barrier type, it is necessary to assess the expediency of expenditures and products’ quality, better to say – to place priorities. For example, one can confine himself/herself to monobasic and dibasic barbed wire for the protection of land or small summer cottage parcels. This is classical barbed wire which was used for protection everywhere, since its invention. Whereas barbed wire does not guarantee the protection sufficiently reliable for big enterprises, military facilities. In this respect it is rational to use the following constructions: concertina and flat obstacles Egoza as far as safety requirements are considerably higher.

Razor barbed wire Egoza is the material for such structures. This is razor wire punched tape, wrapped around a steel core. Such Egoza design is more durable and firm if compared with traditional barbed wire. Egoza protective systems, designed for the protection of not static objects (a land parcel or a building), but, for example vessels, from pirate attacks or for the protection of streets, squares, during mass riots. The Antipirate system is applied at vessels. The point is in usage of Egoza concertina along the board’s perimeter. It should be noted that barbed wire Egoza, used in Antipirate is more damp-proof and can as well also be used in obstacles usually installed in similar damp environment – along the coastline etc. During mass riots mobile security barriers are used, which can withstand a crowd rush or even car impact.

It won’t take much effort to identify and choose an appropriate type of structure after learning the assortment of security systems available on the market. After that it’s important to make a visual assessment of an engineering protection system you chose. The psychological factor is very important in addition to the form, upon which quality and protection level is estimated. Modern high technologies make it possible to invent a wide range of engineering structures which differ in form. And as a result the form of a particular security barrier has a certain influence on our subconscious mind. Some protective systems have a more aggressive form, for example, pyramidal obstacles and security barriers of bigger diameter. They are appropriate for use in those places where a higher protection level and reliable security are required. Others look less intimidating and can be used even in urban areas. Flat security barriers Egoza and razor mesh Piranha belong to such types of structures.