Integrated security system of explosives warehouses

Integrated security system

One of the Ltd "PG "Caiman" activities is the development and production of engineering obstacles of various types and species, as well as the design and installation of fences made of razor wire type, together with technical means of detection and protection of areas and objects. The security systems design with high requirements for their protection is rather complicated and responsible task. It is important to take into account and do not miss any factor directly or indirectly affecting the installed security components of the complex. It is terrain and natural conditions of the region (eg, frequent mists and high humidity), and the presence of aggressive media, dust (for example, near the suppression of slag dumps metallurgical enterprise zones), and the passage of high-voltage power lines, and many other factors such as natural, and man-made disasters.

With the fences help of produced by our company and well-matched to them perimeter alarm and video surveillance systems, we create protection of any complexity and configuration borders, as well as the rapidly deployable systems.
Consider the solution for the protection of the perimeter on the dynamite warehouse example. First it was dismantled morally and technically outdated barbed wire and two lines engineered protective structures of the modern type have been installed. The razor flat barbed barriers "Piranha" with cell 150 mm. A second line for reinforced concrete pillar installed four meters, which is the support for the three spirals reinforced barbed tape 950 mm in diameter, mounted on one another. All three lines were spirals fastened together. Using the first and second rows of barbed wire fences "Egoza Caiman" 950/9 with a wire core 2.8 mm high carbon steel to make the most durable and tough fence along the entire length. For the top row it was used spiral "Egoza Caiman" 950/7 and the core of the same wire.
After assembling the barrier works were carried out, we have started the installation of means to protect the perimeter of the second inner boundary. Based on rough terrain, a large number of turns and height differences, we have proposed to use the vibration detector protection "Caiman "perimeter. The used sensor cable is laid on the middle row of the spiral as a sensing element. Since the design was made very tight spiral and firmly tied to each other (high resistance to false alarms pledge), the mechanical effect on any glad spirals transmitted to the sensor cable and issue an alarm message.

The video surveillance system is the next steps necessary to verify the events recorded by "Caiman" system. in 30-40 m highly sensitive Profvision cameras were installed with a minimum illumination of 0.001 lux, IR illumination up to 50 meters and varifokal lens. Installed uninterruptible power supply allows the system for a long time to be in working condition.

If necessary, you can expand the "Caiman" perimeter security system, equipping the first line of barriers vibration and seismic sensors that will record attempt to penetrate and dig in the front row of fences. And integration with video surveillance system will simplify the operator's work and reduce the influence of the human factor. Engineering protection systems in conjunction with the alarm system and video surveillance will make the maximum protection of the object.

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