Perimeter security: engineering barriers and video surveillance, Kiev

Engineering barriers and video surveillance

Ltd "Production Group "Caiman" in Kiev, specializes in solving problems related to safety and security facilities. This article will show the example of the enterprise perimeter engineer obstacles arrangement, which is monitored via CCTV cameras.

On the first place engineering fence perimeter of any object is considered as an obstacle to free movement and penetration into this territory. The effectiveness depends from professional fence selection, quality, properly installment. The very engineering fence makes it difficult, complicated, but is not able to completely prevent penetration. But its equipment with technical security (video surveillance, burglar alarm) will reduce to almost zero penetration not only, but also they attempt to breach the passage regime. All this increases the cost of the complex, but subsequently reduce the costs for the physical protection of the facility.

If the budget does not allow equipping the facility with fully integrated security system (barbed wire, perimeter alarm systems, video surveillance), we propose to use a set of barbed wire "Egoza" and video surveillance.

Our task is to prevent the possibility of violators to enter the controlled object, and detect them in a timely manner. Penetrate the protected area can be achieved by penetrating, climbing over and digging. For penetration and undermining you need time to dig or break through the pass, and the presence of video cameras on the perimeter line and undermining attempts to penetrate will be found by CCTV operator. To make the operation easier and operator fatigue factor exclusion, surveillance system is set up to supply an alarm when motion in the camera. And you must choose the most accurate possible movement area of the offender, eliminating false positives lots of motion functions. To obstruct the stile is to install a spiral barbed razor fence "Egoza" according to the diameter. In the absence of a fence and the installation can be on the ground a large diameter spiral or multiple helices (one by one, the pyramid).

As for the cameras, then fit cheap analog cameras with infrared illumination, spaced approximately 30 meters apart. Established by our company integrated systems engineering protection and surveillance in Kyiv and Kyiv oblast enterprises have reduced the costs of protection and improve the quality of security measures.