Perimeter security: engineering barriers and video surveillance, Kiev

Engineering barriers and video surveillance

Caiman offers the perimeter protection systems – engineering fence and video surveillance in Kiev.

How to choose a barbed obstacle

Choosing a barbed wire obstacle

Purchasing a particular type of barbed wire or security barrier, one should assess the expediency of expenditures and products’ quality.

How to purchase barbed wire Egoza?

Purchase Egoza Going to buy Egoza but interested only in high-quality single wire Egoza? Egoza can be purchased directly from the manufacturer Caiman PG Co., Ltd.

Price of barbed wire Egoza

Egoza price Price of Egoza barbed wire may be an indicator of its quality – high-quality Egoza cannot be manufactured if cheap raw materials and handicraft Egoza production technology are used.

Egoza quality assurance

How to choose qualitative Egoza Caiman Production Group manufactures only high-quality products, especially it concerns the articles designed for objects’ security.