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CCTV cable

When refurbishing older video surveillance systems in Kiev and the Kiev region, we have repeatedly faced with the difficulty of replacing cable lines due to the complexity of their installation. Only in rare cases laid cabling was in excellent condition and could be used for installation of new video surveillance systems. When designing the video surveillance systems cable lines are many factors to consider.

The first factor – the outer or inner liner

Depending on the type of pad there is a difference and requirements for cable. Outdoor installation cable is more expensive, which is quite natural, since its shell must be protected from aggressive environmental influences and sun.

The second factor – the type of used cable

The coaxial cable with a characteristic impedance of 75 ohms is used for analog cameras, which corresponds to the characteristic impedance of the standard equipment of video surveillance systems. We do not recommend the use of an RF cable with impedance of 50 ohms to avoid inconsistencies when combined with hardware parts, assembly, having a resistance of 75 ohms. Subscriber cable varies the degree of shielding, the central core of the conductor thickness, braid material and the central core. The maximum length of the cable usage for analog cameras is 150 meters, for AHD video surveillance – 500 meters, for HDCDI – 100 meters. We recommend using a cable with a copper center conductor with a minimum thickness of 1 mm and a density of more than 75% braid. Also the twisted pair is used. For analog cameras they use transceivers twisted pair signal that increases the video signal transmission distance up to 2000 meters. For digital ip-camera without the use of amplifiers the limited distance is 100 meters.

When transferring power to the camera, you must start with the feasibility of using a cable with a large cross section to transmit power over long distances. Power supplies can be used to control the output voltage or the supply lines for transmitting alternating voltage and in close proximity to the camera to convert it to regular, using a transformer.

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