"Caiman" - only high-quality barbed wire "Egoza"

High-quality barbed wire "Egoza" 20 January 2016

Production group "Caiman" is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of fences and barriers on the basis of barbed wire and reinforced barbed tape.

Barbed-cutting fences from "Caiman" passed the certification of the Ministry of Interior Affairs

Certificate of conformity of MIA of Ukraine 21 June 2015

Production Group "Caiman" received the certificate of conformity of MIA of Ukraine number DTSS ZOP.1.1O071.0022-15 on barbed wire fences and their varieties.

Barbed wire "Egoza" of large diameters

Barbed wire "Egoza" of large diameters 14 June, 2015

Production Group "Caiman" has launched the production of highly efficient spiral barbed wire "Egoza" in large diameters from 1.5 to 2.4 meters.

AHD video surveillance technology in Kiev

AHD video surveillance technology in Kiev 14th May, 2015

A modern solution – substitution of AHD (Analog High Definition) equipment for analog equipment.

Video surveillance in Kyiv from Caiman Production Group

Video surveillance in Kiev from Caiman Production Group 7th May, 2015

Video surveillance is of key importance in security systems of industrial and dwelling objects in Kiev.

Video surveillance Kiev

Video surveillance Kiev 29th April, 2015

Many enterprises have their head-offices in Kyiv and need modern video surveillance systems as well as remote monitoring.

Caiman barbed wire – the best effectiveness

Barbed wire Caiman 19th December, 2014

Quality of barbed wire Egoza Caiman and its price in Ukraine facilitate complete customers’ demands satisfaction.

Caiman – 20 years on the market of security systems

Caiman – 20 years since its foundation 29th August, 2014

It could be confidently said that Caiman is a leading company in sphere of engineering security systems.

Concertina trade mark – best barbed wire quality

Concertina trademark 14th April, 2014

There’s a great demand in Concertina™ barbed tape due to optimal quality-price ratio as well as a wide range of use.