14 June, 2015

Barbed wire "Egoza" of large diameters

Barbed wire "Egoza" of large diameters

Production Group "Caiman" has launched the production of highly efficient spiral barbed wire "Egoza" in large diameters from 1.5 to 2.4 meters. In the production of such barriers using barbed tape reinforced "Egoza" with a core of steel wire rope GOST 7372-79 with a thickness of 2.8 to 4.5 mm. The larger diameter of the desired helical fence, the thicker barbed wire is used in the production. Increasing the diameter of the core wire in the manufacture of barbed wire coils "Egoza", it is necessary to prevent barriers deformation, ensuring round-shaped spiral. Using a core wire less than 2.8 mm barriers become elliptical and are reduced in height. It is also important the number of clamps used to secure the helix coils "Egoza". The more clips are used to attach the coils, and then the fence is less susceptible to subsidence, reduced height, deformation.

In the production catalog "Production Group "Caiman" barbed wire in a spiral of large diameter is referred to as" Barrages made of razor cutting spiral "Egoza-Caiman" and "Barbed-cutting spiral wire" Egoza-Super ", differ from each other by the following parameters: diameter of the wire core width of the barbed tape and the diameters of the helical barrier. These Egoza types are applied to barbed wire perimeter fence of objects with long extend, they do not need a fence for their installation. It is useful in places where the installation of the fence would be too expensive, would not be possible, complicated, or it is necessary the creation of barriers in a very short time: in large enterprises, in the fields, forests, orchards, valleys and relief sites.

Large diameter Barbed wire Egoza protects the object that is quite difficult to overcome. The price of such barriers is below the cost of construction of any of the fence, and the degree of protection is higher. Installation of barbed wire Concertina of large diameter is produced on the surface of the earth with the use of light metal or even without them. Depending on the desired degree of protection, Egoza can be installed in a single row or several rows of pyramid. An important advantage is also a quick installation. In urgent necessity of a large perimeter overlap problem is solved in few minutes. Egoza can be easily removed and reinstalled anywhere. The installation cost is minimal. Currently, large-diameter Egoza is applied to fast passages overlap in supermarkets.

The production Group "Caiman" in the Egoza production uses only high-quality materials from the best manufacturers, all products are certified. Our qualified specialists are always ready to come to you on the object and make the best profitable offer at the perimeter fence of barbed wire "Egoza" in any location with the most difficult terrain.

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