20 January 2016

"Caiman" - only high-quality barbed wire "Egoza"

High-quality barbed wire "Egoza"

Production group "Caiman" is the leading Ukrainian manufacturer of fences and barriers on the basis of barbed wire and reinforced barbed tape tends to improve the quality of locally manufactured goods, as well as compliance with international and European standards of competitiveness. Quality assurance for our company is as important task as the production of qualify goods and services. The purpose of the "Caiman" enterprise is the formation of domestic and foreign consumers of our products, the positive image of the Ukrainian barbed wire manufacturer, whose quality and competitiveness are monitored and verified by experts.

"Caiman" has established as a dynamically developing company and reliable partner. Using their own brands such as "Egoza", "Concertina", "Caiman" and the availability of certificates confirm that the products and services of the company are of high quality and competitiveness. Production Group "Caiman" produced according to TU 28.7-21804553-001.2009 Ukraine has a state certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO and specialized certificate DGSO MIA. Management in the field of quality of the enterprise is organized in accordance with the requirements of harmonized international standard DSTU ISO 9001-2009. "Caiman" production is valued as on public and so to international standards and is the best indicator of the quality, safety and competitiveness in the markets all over the world.

When selecting suppliers of raw materials, the company is focused on the use in the production of high-quality barbed wire and galvanized rolled metal products from reliable domestic producers. Barbed wire is made of galvanized sheet, which is available in Mariupol on the new harmonized with European standards EN 10346 DSTU with zinc coating is not less than 140 g/m². As the core it is used high carbon galvanized steel wire GOST 9850-72, GOST 7372-79 or the European standard DIN 48200, StIII production of PJSC "PA" Stalkanat - Silur "Odessa, which has high quality manufacturing and complies with national and international standards.

Rational policy of "Production group in the field of quality" Caiman "and productive cooperation with the best Ukrainian suppliers allows to produce competitive products, and creates an opportunity for Ukrainian exports of barbed wire in the countries of Europe, CIS and foreign countries. Remind that the Production group "Caiman" manufactures products for the safety and security of the perimeter under the trademarks "Egoza", "Concertina", "Caiman" and is a leader in the export of Ukrainian barbed wire to Kazakhstan, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and other countries.

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