Anti-noise fence Synox

Barrier noise proofing Synox, anti-noise plastic panels

Noise proofing fence Synox is one of best options of plastic steel Synox fences, designed for use in conditions of very noisy environment. Synox anti-noise barrier can be an effective protection means against noise on objects located within immediate proximity to sources of big noise. Synox anti-noise fence can be used for enclosing of private premises or commercial entities located close to production facilities or to traffic arteries. Sound proofing fence Synox can as well be a sound barrier at objects which themselves are the noise source. A typical case of soundproof Synox fence application is fencing of noisy areas of traffic arteries, railroads and stations, airports – in every place where transport noise hinders comfortable stay in proximity to noise sources, and is also used for fencing the territory of noisy production facilities.

Construction of anti-noise fence Synox

Synox fence with noise proofing properties is manufactured of hollow plastic board’s standard panels. Depending on noise level, type and characteristics of its source, Synox anti-noise fence can be of various constructions. In a typical case it is made of hollow PVC board’s plastic steel panels laid in one or several rows with sound-proofing lagging. PVC board’s cavities can be filled with noise-absorbing material or anti-noise panels placed between layers of plastic steel fence Synox. Depending on object and construction types of noise-proofing obstacle, specialists of Production Group Caiman will design a structure of Synox anti-noise fence appropriate for a particular object’s conditions.

Installation chart of Synox noise proofing barrier

Usage of Egoza razor wire in combination with Synox anti-noise fence

As far as anti-noise fence Synox is often used for enclosing objects which in addition to noise protection need to be protected against undesirable visitors – an airport for example, necessity in additional security barriers arises. The construction of Synox anti-noise barrier allows of installing any protective obstacles on the top of it – from single-strand Egoza barbed wire in one or two rows to flat or concertina security barriers Egoza or Cobra. Fence’s structure provides for simple and reliable installation of holders by means of which Egoza barbed wire barrier is fixed on a Synox noise-proofing fence.

Installation of anti-noise Synox fence and warranty

Caiman Production Group designs, delivers and installs different types of Synox anti-noise barriers. For ordinary objects, typical constructions of Synox noise proofing fences are used, and for objects with specific requirements to noise protection a construction of a fence or of an anti-noise panel is worked out on an individual basis. Production Group Caiman has a stuff of high-qualified specialists who will perform all installation works of Synox fences promptly and reliably. A long-term warranty is provided for noise-proofing fences and installation works.

Patents and certificates

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