Production of Egoza barbed wire

Caiman Production Group produces modern, effective, safe, durable products of high quality which serves our customers many years without any complaints and claims. All this could happen because of modern, furnished with state-of the-art equipment and up-to-date technologies. Modern automatic equipment, raw materials of high quality as well as strict quality control at all the stages of production process make it possible to produce reliable, effective and competitive products – Egoza barbed wire of different types.

Manufacturing of Egoza barbed wire

Our production facilities are equipped with modern automatic pressing lines based on crank presses for manufacturing of Egoza barbed wire. For barbed tape punching special punches are used designed in a manner to prevent extra waste and to get high sharpness cutting edge. Construction of the punch is copyright protected and excludes damage of galvanizing coating while punching. Pressing of Egoza barbed reinforced tape is executed by automatic forge-rolling machines what makes it possible to join core and razor wire and to exclude damage of galvanized wire and tape coating. As a result – Egoza razor barbed wire manufactured by us can stand severe competition.

Articles made of polymer and wood-polymer composite materials are manufactured on the automatic continuous extrusion line what allows us manufacturing moldings of any profile and length. As raw materials only materials of high quality and additives of world famous manufacturers are used therefore the quality of our composite products is of top level.