Manufacturing equipment

Punching of Egoza

Caiman Group uses only modern equipment in the production process which allows of producing reliable and high quality products. It’s important as the Caiman Group’s specialization is modern perimeter protection systems. Modern automatic and automatized equipment of our manufacturing facilities gives us a possibility to produce products successfully competing with similar goods of domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers.

Egoza razor wire is manufactured on automatic punching lines based on crank punches and auxiliary equipment which make ensuring the automation of manufacturing process – uncoiling and feeding machines, wire stretching machines, servo roll feeders, winding machines and a lot of other equipment. For punching of barbed wire precise punches are used made of improved wear-resistance alloys. Punch structure is designed for manufacturing razor wire of top quality while inflicting minimum damages to protective galvanizes coating. That’s why the service life of our barbed wire Egoza makes many years even in harsh natural climatic conditions with no declining of its protective properties.

For holders and other metal constructions production modern automatic bending and welding equipment is used. All types of metal constructions are protected against environment effect by multilayered rust-resistant coating which allow of using barriers, obstacles, razor-barbed obstacles and other constructions installed by us for a long period of time without any concerns as to their performance characteristics, deterioration of physical configuration or premature failure.

Barbed tape pressing while producing Egoza razor wire is performed on precise rolling equipment which allowing of producing properly pressed Egoza without any interspaces, plays and defects, without any damage of galvanized coating of the wire and barbed tape. Pressed on the qualitative equipment Egoza barbed wire made by Caiman Production Group is a high-quality and durable article – it’s impossible to separate barbed tape from the core, galvanized coating of the barbed tape and wire preserves its integrity, cutting barbed Egoza blades have sharp cutting edge and solid points.

For production of moldings made of plastic and wood-polymer composite we use automatic line of continual extrusion. Extruder’s design makes it possible to produce articles of any profile and length from PVC plastic or wood-polymer composite. Main product made on extruder is plastic plank and PVC profile. At the same time any polymeric products – plastic linings, different profiles, tubes, chutes, etc. can be produced.