Egoza barbed wire manufacturing technologies

Technology of Egoza barbed wire production

Caiman Production Group manufactures Egoza barbed wire using up-to-date technology and modern automatic punching and other equipment. Modern equipment and well-thought technology of manufacture, continuous production quality control and use of materials of high quality and complying with applicable standards allows of producing Egoza barbed wire and other products which successfully compete with domestic and foreign manufacturers.

Egoza barbed wire and Egoza concertina are manufactured under modern technical conditions TU U 28.7-21804553-002: 2009 and TU U 28.7-21804553-001: 2009. High quality of Caiman Production Group Egoza product is confirmed by certificates of conformity UA1.039.0024610-10 and UA1.039.0024606-10. Laboratory tests on compliance with TU U 28.7-21804553-001: 2009 and TU U 28.7-21804553-002: 2009 carried out in State Research Institute of Building Constructions (Luhansk branch) confirm high quality of our Egoza product.

Galvanized steel wire and steel coil are used as raw material for manufacturing of Egoza barbed wire. Using the cold-stamping method barbed tape with special shape blades is made of coiled steel. Automatic punching complexes equipped with special punches are used to secure high quality of punching and high cutting characteristics of barbed wire blades. Construction of punches and Egoza barbed tape punching technology are patented in Ukraine, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan. Technology of Egoza razor barbed wire punching excludes damaging of galvanized metal coating backing thanks to what Egoza barbed wire produced by Caiman Group will be in use many years even in severe environmental conditions, retaining its properties during all the period of exploitation.

Pressing of barbed tape is performed on precise rolling equipment when manufacturing Egoza barbed wire what affords grounds for manufacturing properly pressed Egoza without any interspaces, plays and defects, without any damage on galvanized coating of wire and barbed tape. Egoza barbed wire of Caiman Production Group pressed on the equipment of high quality is a qualitative and durable article – barbed wire could not be separated from the core, galvanized coating of barbed tape and wire preserves its integrity, cutting barbed Egoza blades have sharp cutting edges and solid points.

Strict adherence to all high standards of Egoza barbed wire production process allows producing genuine high-quality Egoza. Production Group Caiman produces and supplies barbed wire Egoza on the market which surpasses its counterparts made by other manufacturers. Useful life of barbed wire Egoza made by Caiman Production Group is at least 25 years even in harsh natural climatic conditions – our Egoza products will ensure reliable protection of an enclosed object over whole period mentioned above.