Raw materials

Raw materials for Egoza barbed wire production

Caiman Production Group specializes in engineering of perimeter protection systems, uses only raw materials of high quality corresponding with all required norms and standards for manufacturing of its products. For Egoza barbed wire production high-carbon spring or galvanized ropewire and coiled galvanized steel are used. Caiman Group uses raw materials with characteristics, determined by production technology of our products.

Steel wire of State Standard GOST 7372-79 or GOST 9850-72 is used as the basis for Egoza barbed wire production with diameter from 2.2 to 4.9 mm with high carbon concentration, which provides high spring characteristics essential for protecting properties of Egoza barbed wire and Egoza concertina manufactured on its basis. Wire surface’s galvanized coating of high quality ensures long-term service of Egoza barbed wire, made of it.

For barbed tape manufacturing steel coil of State Standard GOST 14918-80 is used with thickness from 0.5 to 0.7 mm depending on wire-reinforced barbed tape type to be produced of it. Such steel thickness ensures optimal strength of razor tape blades, at the same time surface galvanized coating of high quality reliably protects razor wire against atmospheric factors making possible its long-term maintenance without protecting characteristics’ deterioration.

Clips for fastening Egoza barbed wire threads or coils used while manufacturing of various types’ security barriers are made of plate steel or low-carbon wire. Steel 14918-80 with 1.5 mm thickness is used for manufacturing of flat clips, and low-carbon general purpose steel wire of State Standard GOST 3282-74 is used for manufacturing of circular section clips.

Holders and auxiliary metal constructions for Egoza razor wire concertina’s fastening are made of circular and rectangular sections tubes, of metal L- and U-section forms and of steel rod, characteristics of which are chosen based on conditions of obstacle use, peculiarities of enclosed object’s and constructions whereon Egoza barriers are installed, and on object’s protection level requirements as well as on other factors.