Galvanized coiled plate steel of GOST 14918-80

Galvanized steel for barbed wire Egoza

Coiled steel of State Standard GOST 14918-80 is used for production of Egoza. Coiled steel of GOST 14918-80 has high-quality galvanized coating which, provided that Egoza razor wire production technology is followed – ensures reliable protection of razor tape against rust even in severe atmospheric conditions. Due to qualitative galvanized coating Egoza razor wire made of galvanized steel under GOST 14918-80 is of top quality and can be used in severe natural conditions for a long time without its strength and protective properties reduction.

Barbed tape which is used for Egoza razor wire production is made of coiled steel of State Standard GOST 14918-80 from 0.5 to 0.7 mm thick. Flat clips for Egoza barbed wire fastening when manufacturing various razor-barbed barrier types are made of plate steel of GOST 14918-80 with thickness of 1.5 mm and more. Barbed tape made of galvanized steel of GOST 14918-80 has high quality of cutting edges, increased sharpness of blades and effective protection against rust.

Depending on coating thickness, galvanized steel is divided into three classes. Galvanized steel of increased coating thickness class is used in our production.

Thickness of galvanized steel coating of GOST 14918-80

Thickness class Double-sided coating layer
of 1 m2, g
Thickness of backing,
I (increased) Over 570 and up to 855 including Over 40 and to 60 including
1 » 258 » 570 » » 18 » 40 »
2 От 142,5 » 258 » От 10 » 18 »