We are 26 years old!

On August 29, 2020, the Caiman Production Group celebrates another birthday – we are 26 years old!


Caiman expands product range

A new position has appeared in the range of products of the Caiman Production Group – a "Gurza-500/5" concertina barrier.


We accept payments from bank cards

Our online store for razor wire and concertina security barriers accepts Visa and MasterCard for payment.


Egoza razor wire in the online store

Egoza razor wire of the Caiman Production Group is now sold through our online store.


Egoza Barbed Wire and Caiman Security Barriers Certified

Egoza barbed wire of and the razor wire security barriers of the Caiman Production Group are certified.


We resume work after weakening quarantine Covid-19

Caiman Production Group resumes work on the production, supply and installation of Egoza barbed wire.


Covid-19 quarantine extended

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is not weakening – quarantine measures in Ukraine have been extended for another month.


Coronavirus Covid-19

Due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19, quarantine has been declared in Ukraine and the work of enterprises is limited.

August 29, 2019

Caiman – 25 years in the barbed wire market

29 августа 2019 года «Кайман» отмечает круглую дату – 25 лет с момента его основания.


Steel EN 10346 instead of GOST 14918-80

The barbed wire of the Caiman Production Group will be produced using galvanized steel coils that comply with the EN 10346.


Wire EN 50189 instead of GOST 9850-72 and GOST 7372-79

Barbed wire of all types of the Caiman Production Group will be made on the basis of galvanized steel wire, manufactured according to EN 50189.


Egoza new site

A completely updated website of the Egoza trademark was put into operation, which presents Caiman products under the trademark Egoza.