Caiman – 25 years in the barbed wire market

Caiman celebrates 25 years August 29, 2019

On August 29, 2019, Caiman celebrates a round date – 25 years since its foundation. Having started its activities in 1994, and having traveled a long way of development and improvement of two and a half dozen years, today Caiman Production Group LLC occupies a leading position in the production of engineering systems for perimeter protection and the provision of comprehensive protection services for any objects. Over the years of its activity, Caiman has proved itself as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of both security barriers and other equipment to provide comprehensive perimeter protection – alarm systems, video surveillance and access control. In terms of quality, reliability and efficiency, Caiman products have long outpaced competitors, and many types of razor wire and security barriers produced by the Caiman Production Group have no analogues both in Ukraine and abroad.

For 25 years of operation, the Caiman Production Group has protected tens of thousands of various facilities throughout Ukraine. Consumers of Caiman products are both private individuals and small commercial structures, as well as large industrial enterprises, as well as state structures – the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Border Service and many others. Not stopping there, Caiman Production Group LLC plans to further improve the quality of its products and services, expanding its product range and increasing production volumes.

Own full-cycle production

As a leading manufacturer of modern concertina security barriers, the Caiman Production Group is constantly expanding its range, improving quality and improving their design. The Caiman production group has a full-cycle production – razor wire and concertina security barriers are made on modern automated equipment that provides great labor productivity and high quality products. The production facilities of Caiman allow us to fulfill almost any order in a short time, in addition, the warehouse always has a sufficient supply of barbed wire and security barriers.

A wide range of quality products

Currently, Caiman mass-produces 6 types of razor wire and more than 120 different types of security barriers based on them. The products manufactured by the Caiman Production Group have all the necessary documents and certificates confirming its high quality. Many types of products and equipment used for its production are based on modern developments and inventions, protected by patents – for example, “A line and method for the production of barbed tape” or “Method for the manufacture of mesh cloth “Piranha”. The products of the Caiman Production Group are sold under the trademarks Gurza, Concertina, Egoza, Caiman, Alligator, Egoza Super, Cobra.

Integrated Security Approach

The Caiman Production Group has always been distinguished by an integrated approach to solving problems of ensuring the security of protected objects. Caiman doesn’t just sell barbed wire, but carries out the whole range of related work – surveying the area, designing an engineering security system for the perimeter and additional security systems, manufacturing razor wire security barriers and delivering them to the customer, installing turnkey barbed wire and electronic systems. Thanks to this approach, all customers are satisfied with the quality of products and the results of the work of the Caiman Production Group.

Over the 25 years of its activity, the Caiman Production Group has achieved a lot, and does not stop there. But all this would not have been possible without a reliable team of professionals – from production workers and installers to enterprise management. In addition, close ties with suppliers of raw materials, equipment, related services and other things, without which effective work would not have been possible, played an important role in the activities of the enterprise. The Caiman Production Group thanks its team for many years of work for the benefit of the enterprise, partners for their help, and customers for the high appreciation of our products and, as a result, long-term mutually beneficial cooperation!