Monobasic barbed wire

Barbed wire monobasic

Caiman Company manufactures and sells monobasic barbed wire designed for barriers of protected objects. Monobasic barbed wire manufactured by Caiman is made of galvanized steel wire on the automatic equipment. We are confident in our monobasic barbed wire quality and fulfil the orders on production and delivery promptly. Monobasic barbed wire is one of the cheapest means of object protection against trespasser, and even though such type of wire is less reliable than dibasic and less effective than Egoza razor wire, still in many cases monobasic barbed wire usage is quite justified for economic reasons.

Monobasic barbed wire – one of barbed wire types invented in the second half of 19th century. Traditional barbed wire has the form of steel wire with wound sharp-headed wire sections. Monobasic barbed wire is made of single steel wire on which in machinery way sharp-headed blades are wound. For effective fixation of blades on barbed wire base, the core in points of their winding is slightly deformed, thanks to that blades sliding along the basic wire is eliminated.

Monobasic corrugated barbed wire of State Standard GOST 285-69 can be used for barriers placed on the fences of buildings and other constructions for territory protection against malefactors’ trespassing. Monobasic barbed wire can also be used for barbed wire fence production; it can be used for Bruno spiral manufacture and for other types of cutting barbed obstacles.

Usage of automatic equipment and raw materials of high quality galvanized steel wire in manufacturing of monobasic barbed wire by Caiman Company enables to produce safe and qualitative barbed wire which can surely protect the territory of enclosed object. Monobasic barbed wire corresponds to GOST 285-69, all necessary documents are available as well as warranty is provided which meets rated operating period of this article. Caiman specialists perform qualitative assembling of barbed wire on any object, installation works are also covered with warranty.