Alligator trademark

Alligator trademark is registered in Ukraine (Certificates No 104517, 130914 and 135343) and in Kazakhstan (Certificates NoNo 104517, 130914 and 135343). Alligator trademark is used by Caiman Production Group for marking, sales and promotion of products according to commodity groups specified in certificates on Alligator trademark. Caiman Production Group manufactures and sells security barrier of higher efficiency of a special design construction under Alligator trade mark which is protected by patents.

On the territory of Ukraine and Kazakhstan Caiman Production Group manufactures highly effective security barrier of special construction under Alligator trade mark designed for the most important objects’ security. A distinctive property of Alligator security barrier is the use of moving elements, equipped with razor barbed blades of special construction fixed on common axis. Alligator security barrier efficiency is much higher than of traditional Egoza razor barbed barriers.

Alligator trade mark is used by Caiman Production Group absolutely legally having all required certificates issued by respective authorities of Ukraine and Kazakhstan as well as its rightholder’s licenses on this trademark use. Construction of Alligator security barrier is patented in Russia, Ukraine and in Kazakhstan therefore it is prohibited to produce and sell this commodity group without full set of permits and licenses provided by the right holder.