Infrared security systems

Infrared systems of perimeter security

Caiman offers a broad assortment of infrared objects’ security systems. Infrared security systems – electronic equipment allowing of detecting a penetration attempt into the protected territory without direct contact with a trespasser, remotely. At the same time a potential intruder usually unaware of being detected and the thus guard which got to the location of intrusion can catch the intruded flat-footed. Using of infrared intruder’s detecting systems in combination with engineering systems of perimeter protection will considerably increase an object’s security. Basically, infrared security systems are of two types – active beam infrared systems and passive infrared systems.

Active beam infrared security systems

Active beam infrared systems or linear active electro-optic detectors are a complex of infrared rays’ source and IR detector which are arranged within line-of-sight coverage. Actuation of such a beam system is made when the beam is broken by any object and the warning alarm is transmitted to the watchpost by some means or other. One of active beam infrared security system’s peculiarities is a possibility of creating a very narrow band within which the system will be actuated upon intrusion. Size and form of the band which is controlled by infrared security system depend on size, quantity and configuration of lens elements in system’s units. Infrared security systems are highly effective in case when an immense buffer zone cannot be established around an object and a narrow perimeter strip of the object is monitored for detecting potential intruders. Active beam infrared security systems can be applied only on open straight perimeter areas.

Passive infrared security systems

Passive infrared security systems register objects’ thermal emission and actuate on their movements. Passive infrared sensors are equipped with the Fresnel lens which registers thermal emission of all objects located on guarded area on system’s pyroelement. Division of field of view by the Fresnel lens to segments allows of determining the difference between moving objects and stationary objects and of responding to appearance of an intruder in the detection area. The settings of passive infrared systems will eliminate the risk of actuation on domestic animals and other small objects. In order to raise the effectiveness, passive infrared security systems are fitted with an additional infrared sensor operating in near IR band – several dozens of centimeters, and which prevent shutting of primary detector of passive infrared system by violators.

Production Group Caiman offers its customers a wide range of active and passive infrared security systems at affordable prices. Caiman Company performs designing, installation and adjustment of infrared perimeter protection systems in combination with engineering protection systems and warranty is provided on all equipment supplied by us as well as on installation works.