Perimeter security systems

Caiman systems of perimeter protection

Caiman Production Group deals with issues of ensuring protection of enterprises and other objects, designs, produces and installs systems, including both engineering perimeter protection systems and technical solutions of object’s security. Systems of perimeter protection comprise of infrared, vibration, beam systems, as well as radio-frequency, capacitive and electrical strike means of objects’ perimeter security. Joint use of technical and engineering systems of perimeter protection allows of reduces chances of malefactor encroachments on the territory of a guarded object.

Technical facilities of perimeter security can be helpful when the engineering system of perimeter protection is already installed at an object – a fence with assembled barriers of barbed wire Egoza on top of it, barbed wire fence or other type of protective obstacle and more effective security system of territory protection is required. Production Group Caiman can offer various options of comprehensive object’s protection, excluding of penetrating possibility on a guarded object, suppression of material assets thefts and other security issues.

Traditionally an engineering perimeter protection system is a barbed wire fence, Egoza concertina barriers and other types – is on its own a rather effective protection against trespassers. Usage of an engineering perimeter protection system in combination with technical means of object’s security allows of minimizing risks of trespassing on the territory of an object equipped with these systems. Application of technical security facilities allows of detecting an intruder before trespassing on an object which will transmit the information on time and place of violation to the watch post.

It should be borne in mind that effective object’s perimeter protection is a comprehensive task, which solution depends on the rational choice of the perimeter security system’s elements. Only optimal combination of engineering protection system and technical security systems allows of effective protecting an object, therefore designing and installation of perimeter protection technical facilities should be executed by high-skilled specialists. Caiman Company’s employees perform all project and installation works at the highest technical level, and adjust the installed equipment as well as initial staff training on work with security means. Production Group Caiman provides warranty service maintenance of sold equipment as well as post-warranty maintenance if necessary.