Products and services

Caiman manufactures a wide range of products and services for effective perimeter protection of guarded objects. We are specialized in complex objects’ security, that’s why we offer our clients both facilities based on different engineering or electronic security systems and comprehensive perimeter protection systems which ensure highest level of protection. Caiman sells its products as well as delivers them, performs installation works, adjustment works and when necessary service maintenance and customer’s staff training on work with security systems.

Complex of perimeter protection engineering systems manufactured by Caiman Company includes barbed wire of different types – monobasic and dibasic, barbed wire obstacles and modern Egoza barbed wire or Egoza wire-reinforced barbed tape and different types of concertina and flat wrap barbed tape obstacles based on barbed wire Egoza. Besides, we produce and supply dedicated engineering perimeter protection systems – Alligator security barrier, Antipirate system and MZP barbed-wire net of several types.

In addition to engineering security systems of objects’ protection we offer a broad assortment of electronic security systems. They are: infrared, vibration, radio-beam and radiofrequency systems as well as capacitive and electroconvulsive systems of perimeter security, and also video surveillance systems – analog, HD SDI and IP-cameras, systems of video recording and video transmission. Besides, Caiman supplies modern access control systems – controllers, readers, actuators, entry-phones and other equipment.

Caiman manufactures and assembles modern high-quality fences and obstacles of different types – metal and plastic decorative barriers, dedicated protective metal, razor-barbed and barbed wire obstacles as well as effective noise-proofing and sound-reflecting panels and barriers.

One of Caiman’s activity areas is the manufacturing of modern polymer and composite building materials – PVC board and profile as well as production and installation of different constructions, buildings and structures made of those materials. We both make deliveries of plastic board, profile and erection of constructions and buildings of them.

Caiman produces automated punching lines based on crank presses and automatic pressing machines, performs repair and upgrade of punching equipment as well as conducts works on punching, manufactures customized and finished punches for barbed wire production. Moreover, Caiman Company ships steel wire and wire cores in broad assortment.

For product manufacturing Caiman Company uses only high-quality raw materials complying with all regulations and standards. Production facilities are equipped with up-to-date automatic equipment allowing of prompt and qualitative manufacturing of reliable products. Our products are certified, made according to modern production methods, Caiman provides long-term warranty on all products and works.