Trademark or merchandise mark is not only the cover of any product but also an article protected by intellectual property laws. To use trademarks for product marking and further sales as well as for advertising in any media, certain documents are required which prove the legitimacy of the use. Those documents are trademarks certificates, issued by state patent authorities of respective countries or rightholder’s license agreements on right to use the trade mark.

Caiman Company legally uses the following trademarks for purposes of its products sales and advertising:

It should be noted that many sellers of similar products try to sell under specified trademarks different types of wire-reinforced barbed tape and other products, but there’s no connection with this trademark, they sell cheap Chinese or handicraft domestic wire-reinforced barbed tape. Illegal use of trademarks by a seller or by a manufacturer which are not owned by them – is a serious violation of Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakh legislation and infringers shall be subject to imposing fines, product confiscation, etc.

Measures of illegal activity suppression shall be applied to suppliers who use the trademarks not owned by them and the counterfeit products will be confiscated, and in such cases not only the seller but also innocent buyers can suffer. To avoid such situations it’s recommended to request documents confirming right to use Egoza trade mark from barbed wire seller – trade mark certificate issued to the seller of Egoza barbed wire to a seller or a manufacturer, or trade mark certificate and license agreement on right of trademark use by the respective seller or product manufacturer.