Doorway entryphones

Entryphone is a complex of access control equipment intended for utilization in houses, entrances, office premises – all the variants cannot be even counted. Entryphone is a mass exploitable access control system. The construction and technical variants of the entryphones can differ but all of them fulfil the same functions – visitors’ authentication by voice or facial identification and remote lockers’ control.

Audio entryphones

Audio entryphone is the simplest and the cheapest variant of the entryphone. For the user’s authorization the speaking device is used – audio communication path of the entrance door panel with device inside the house or apartment. For information transfer wire communication and radio link can be used. Door opening happens while button-down, ordering the automatic lock. Audio entryphones differ by comparatively low cost but have limited functionality – it’s hard to determine what happens by outer panel of entryphone without a picture.

Video entryphones

Video entryphone is an access control system utilized for authorization the voice communication and visual information as well. Video entryphone consists of outer call panel on which video camera, microphone and call-button are placed and of the monitor with talk-back equipment and of door ajar button inside the premises. For surveillance few cameras can be used, including hidden ones for territory surveillance in different viewpoints, besides few entryphones can be connected to the same camera. The call panel can be of ordinary variant or vandal-proof and can also be equipped by infrared illumination, enabling to get sharp camera image in entire darkness. On the call panel electronic locks’ reader for employees or inhabitants pass can be also installed. The dexterity of internal video entryphones’ units may differ broadly. In the simplest case the internal unit is a voice intercommunicator, a monitor and door ajar button or it can be equipped by image-storage device and by other useful updates. Various combinations of cameras’ switch, of call panels and of internal units in the system of video entryphones exist. There can be used two monitors and one camera or vice versa – two cameras and one monitor.

Entrances’ door intercommunication systems

There is a separate type of entryphones, called porch entryphones, specially worked out for utilization in porches of apartment buildings. Having ample opportunities a porch entryphone enables to secure its most comfortable utilization by the porch dwellers and to restrict number of the unauthorized persons in the porch. Standard call panel of the porch entryphone is equipped by the keyboard of certain apartment call, by the voice communicator and by the electronic locks reader. Internal unit is a talk-back equipment and porch door ajar button. For door blocking a powerful electromagnetic lock, having high operating resource and holding entrance door safely locked is utilized.