Electroconvulsive security systems

Electroconvulsive systems of perimeter security

Electroconvulsive system of perimeter protection is designed for operation in combination with conducting engineering perimeter protection systems – Egoza barbed wire and razor barbed wire Egoza barriers of different types, installed on insulators or on glass-reinforced plastic holders. Application of electrical strike system on a protected object allows of significantly raising the security level, eliminating the risk of intruders’ trespassing on an object and of timely responding to the attempts of penetrating into the controlled area. Electrical shock system is a highly effective means of protecting the important objects against malefactors’ encroachments on its territory.

Electroconvulsive system of perimeter security combines a physical and an electrical security barrier as well as security alarm system. The operating principle of an electrical strike system is based on slight impact of high-voltage electrical impulses at a low current produced when registering an intruder’s contact with an engineering obstacle. As a result a malefactor will be affected by a sensible electrical strike which is non-damaging to health upon touching Egoza barbed wire and a signal will be transmitted to the watchpost indicating place and time of an emergency event. An alarm signal will be also transmitted to the receiver when the electrical circuit is broken or locked and that eliminates a possibility of imperceptible inactivation of perimeter security system.

Caiman Company supplies and performs installation of Egoza barbed wire, flat and concertina barbed tape barriers Egoza fitted with electroconvulsive perimeter protection system. Using of high-quality wire-reinforced barbed tape Egoza and of up-to-date electrical strike security equipment in combination with high-qualification of Caiman specialists fulfilling installation and erection of the system allow of ensuring high security level on the guarded object. Long-term warranty is provided on all works, Egoza barbed wire and on electroconvulsive security system.