Video surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras for security systems

Video surveillance camera – is a key component of the video surveillance system. Surveillance cameras obtain an image of controlled territory’s area which then is transmitted to the monitor of security service or is analyzed by means of dedicated firmware. Operation of the entire video surveillance system largely depends on type and quality of used camera, that’s why cameras should be chosen with full attention to the issue. For various objects and taking into account the peculiarities of guarded objects, different types of video surveillance cameras can be applied, designed for performing particular functions. Surveillance cameras are ranked according to a few parameters – chromatic level, response characteristic, resolution, taking angle, modification etc.

There are color and monochrome surveillance cameras. Both of them have certain advantages and disadvantages what is determined by their application in different conditions. Black-and-white video surveillance cameras are known for their low price and are of sharp response allowing of operating in night-time conditions or with infrared lighting. But unfortunately at present new product in this field are not developed and technically monochrome cameras can’t be upgraded. Color video surveillance cameras are a little more expensive than the monochrome ones and have a lower response level but at the same time they provide more informative image and are continuously upgraded, their parameters are improved, new and newest modifications of color cameras are developed. Some types of surveillance cameras have an option of switching to monochrome mode in low light conditions what makes them a multi-purpose solution.

One more important parameter of a video surveillance camera is its resolution depending on quantity of photoreceptive elements of CCD-sensor. This parameter of video cameras is measured in television lines (TVL). Most of video surveillance cameras are of resolution from 380 to 570 TVL, cameras with resolution 520 TVL and more are considered high-resolution cameras.

One more important parameter of video surveillance cameras is its response level. Depending on its response level, a video camera can be used under low-light level conditions – in night time or at poorly illuminated facilities. Best cameras according to this parameter are of course monochrome video surveillance cameras with response level up to 0,001 lx, at the same time response level of color cameras is considerably lower. Cameras with response level at 0,01 lx are sufficient for use in night time. In order to improve image quality when using black-and-white cameras, infrared lighting is used.

Taking angle of a surveillance camera is a parameter determining camera’s choice for accomplishing of certain tasks. Wide-angle cameras are used for panoramic view of protected area, medium-angle cameras – for monitoring objects’ perimeter sectors and small-angle video cameras are applied when small details on a limited area need to be clearly identified – faces, license plates etc.

Different technologies are applied in order to improve functional parameters of video cameras. Optical lenses with automatic diaphragm are used for improving image quality what allows of raising image sharpness and of eliminating flare spots. BLC technologies may also be used in surveillance cameras which compensate background spots. In order to raise cameras’ response level, WDR technology of wide dynamic range is used and, for improving image quality, noise-reduction systems are applied which eliminate image defects.

Production Group Caiman supplies different types of video surveillance cameras and uses them as components to complete video surveillance systems installed by our specialists. Selection of surveillance cameras is performed according to advice of high-qualified specialists and that’s the reason why our customers should be confident in obtaining the best possible video surveillance system with due regard to the object’s peculiarities and fitted with the types of surveillance cameras appropriate for particular objects. Caiman provides long-term warranty for video surveillance cameras and for works on their installation and conducts technical maintenance of the supplied equipment.