Video surveillance systems

Caiman video surveillance system

Video surveillance system is a key importance element of the comprehensive objects’ security system. System of objects’ protection is considered incomplete if a video surveillance system is not installed; guard has to be on watch in the ordinary sense of the word ‘blindly’. A properly fit and installed video surveillance system is an essential condition of a reliable security of an object’s territory. A video surveillance system consists of a set of elements, proper choice of which influence the reliable work of video surveillance system and of overall comprehensive object’s security.

Video surveillance system may comprise a great number of elements. The list of equipment depends on the objects whereto it is installed and of operation conditions as well as of requirements as to the object’s security. A set of essential video surveillance system’s functions required on a particular object is also very important when choosing the equipment – from mere surveillance to face and car license plates recognition etc. Only after all the requirements to the object’s security and service conditions have been examined, a high-quality and effective video surveillance system of an object can be properly completed.

Video surveillance system comprises different elements – video cameras, microphones, sensors, data transmission systems, power systems, video recorders, data analyzing systems and many others. When making an order at Caiman Production Group customers can be sure that our specialists will develop a truly effective and qualitative system meeting both the customer’s requirements and complying with peculiarities of its maintenance on the object. Caiman Company provides long-term warranty for all installation works and for video surveillance system’s equipment and conducts warranty and post-warranty service of the security equipment.