Intruder alarm system

Burglar alarm systems

Intruder alarm is a system intended for timely disclosure of the breaches on enclosed territory and for notification of the guard service. Burglar alarm should fulfil efficiently two functions – guaranteed discover of penetration onto enclosed object and prompt notification of the owner or of the guard service. For the first sight these simple tasks could be solved by correct packaging and proper installation of the modern burglar alarm’s technical means. The choice of the variant and of intruder alarm’s package depends upon a lot of factors – type of enclosed object, peculiarities of the secured territory, upon the stage of building or premises’ repair, upon necessity of connection with the central console of extra departmental security or upon alarm signal transmission to the local security service.

Modern system of intruder alarm is based on the complex of soft hardware utilization. Burglar alarm consists of the transmitters, reacting at penetration onto enclosed object, panic alarms, supervisory panel, analyzing received data and alerting sensors notifying emergency case on the enclosed object.

Information about emergency case on the object is automatically received from different sensors or from panic alarms in case of intruder alarm’s manual activation. In burglar alarm systems infrared motion detectors, ultrasonic or contact glass-break detectors, magnetic door contacts, vibrational transmitters and varieties of other sensors are used. Additionally in complex burglar-fire alarm systems smoke detectors, temperature sensors, in some cases gas and water sensors in dwellings or in office premises can be also linked up. Steady fixed alarm devices or radio breloques are used as panic alarms.

The heart of intruder alarm is central console where all the information about events on the enclosed object is received. Depending upon the variant and installation-specific settings of the central console, it can fulfil various functions if emergency case signals. Usually for stable, efficient work the central consoles are equipped by standby power supply and by reserve communication channel. If control board makes decision to transmit alarm signal, it is fulfilled by warning systems.

Warning systems notifying about emergency cases on the enclosed object can be of different variants and purposes. If intruder alarm is activated, the siren or other audio-visual device of notification can be also actuated, namely: signal transmission to access control system about access denial to the object, informing of centralized guard receiver by GSM radio channel or by telephone line and, if settings available, informing to the owner’s mobile phone about these or those events.

Caiman Production Group installs modern safe burglar alarm systems on the objects of any types. We should keep in mind that even fs alarm system promptly supplies penetration information, the object is safely secured only if complex approach toward security matter is applied. Utilization of engineering perimeter security systems – of Egoza razor wire and of other security obstacles highly increases general efficiency of the object’s security.