Alarm systems

Burglar alarm and fire-warning system

Alarm systems are used for automatic source of danger disclosure and for warning by this or that way. Danger disclosure methods and variants of information transfer and processing may differ, but all types of alarm systems identical requirements are imposed – safety, efficiency and selectivity. There are two main types of alarm systems – fire-warning system, intended for security against fire, and burglar-alarm, reacting at perpetrators actions on the enclosed territory. Correctly equipped and professionally installed alarm system enables to increase significantly security level of the enclosed object, to avert the larceny of material assets, to use security guard more efficiently and to secure the object against different emergency cases, fire is included.

Caiman Production Group delivers alarm systems:

Alarm systems consist of different components operating entrusted functions. Various transmitters and detectors, danger signal transmission systems and devices or hardware-software complexes responsible for analysis, storage and transmission of emergency case information to the personnel compound alarm systems.

Caiman Production Group realizes and makes installation of fire-warning and burglar systems on the objects of any complicacy. Caiman Company has well trained specialists who are able to compound correctly burglar- or fire-systems taking into consideration specific peculiarities of the object. We should remind that despite of high efficiency of the modern security systems, safe security of enclosed object is possible only in case of simultaneous use together with engineering perimeter protection systems like Egoza wire and other variants of engineering security barriers. Professional assemblage workers of Caiman Company will fulfil on the top technical level all alarm systems’ installation works; burglar systems as well as installation works are under durable warranty.