Barbed Wire, Egoza Razor Wire and Fences of Caiman

Caiman Production Group is one of market’s leaders in Ukraine in the field of perimeter protection engineering systems. Caiman PG Co., Ltd. produces and delivers a wide range of products, designed for objects’ protection from malefactors encroachments – Egoza razor wire, Concertina, security barriers Cobra, Alligator, Antipirate, Piranha obstacle, traditional barbed wire, barriers, fences and much more. Caiman PG Co., Ltd. can deliver an assortment of steel wire. Caiman has large production facilities, allowing to satisfy the demand in Egoza barbed wire and other products in any necessary volume, and our professional fitters will perform works on installation of Egoza obstacles and other perimeter protection systems on objects of any complexity. The Egoza barbed wire is certified and has a long service life.

Caiman news

Egoza Barbed Wire and Caiman Security Barriers Certified

Egoza barbed wire of and the razor wire security barriers of the Caiman Production Group are certified.

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We resume work after weakening quarantine Covid-19

Caiman Production Group resumes work on the production, supply and installation of Egoza barbed wire.

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Covid-19 quarantine extended

The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is not weakening – quarantine measures in Ukraine have been extended for another month.

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Coronavirus Covid-19

Due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19, quarantine has been declared in Ukraine and the work of enterprises is limited.

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Concertina Barrier Diameter

How to measure the diameter of a concertina security barrier and whether to do it.

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Caiman Razor Wire and Barriers Marking

We have developed a special system for marking barbed wire and barriers so that it is clear what kind of product we are talking about and what are its main parameters.

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Video surveillance systems cable

Cable for video surveillance systems is often one of the most important factors affecting both the cost of a video surveillance system and its efficiency.

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How to choose a barbed obstacle

Purchasing a particular type of barbed wire or security barrier, one should assess the expediency of expenditures and products’ quality.

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Egoza, Caiman and other trademarks

We promote, mark and sell our products only under those trademarks, which we have the legal rights to use. Caiman Group is licensed to use the trademarks Egoza, Caiman, Concertina, Cobra and many others to mark barbed wire Egoza and other products of PG Caiman Co., Ltd.