Radio-beam safety systems

Radio-beam perimeter protection system

Radio-beam system of perimeter security is based on the principle of beam’s parameters variation when an object crosses it. A typical perimeter security radio-beam system consists of two elements – microwave emission’s transmitter and detector, located at a distance from each other. The transmitter produces a magnet field of elliptic shape and the detector registers parameters’ variation of this field. And in case of sensing a foreign object within the surveillance zone the detector signals an alarm to the alarm panel. Radio-beam safety system can be made on the basis of a couple or several couples of transmitters and detectors depending on type and configuration of the guarded territory on the object.

Radio-beam perimeter protection system is designed for monitoring open perimeter’s areas of a guarded object or territory. Radio-beam safety system is of low-sensitivity to weather change but the essential requirement is a direct visibility between a detector and a transmitter of the microwave field. Synchronization of a transmitter and a detector of the radio-beam system is either accomplished by wire or by radiofrequency channel. Radio-beam system of perimeter security can monitor land parcels reaching several hundred meters; if several couples of detectors and transmitters are used then stretch of radio-beam security system is unbounded.

Production Group Caiman supplies the equipment for radio-beam perimeter protection systems of different types. Caiman Company recommends installing radio-beam safety systems in addition to engineering perimeter security systems – Egoza barbed wire and other types of security barriers in order to establish the reliable protection of important objects. Specialists of Production Group Caiman will assist the customers with proper completing of a comprehensive perimeter security system using engineering and electronic security systems. Caiman Company fulfils installation of perimeter protection systems of any complexity. Long-term warranty is provided on equipment for radio-beam safety systems and on fulfilled works.