Radiofrequency security systems

Radiofrequency perimeter protection system

Radiofrequency perimeter security systems are highly effective means of detection perimeter violators of a guarded object, at the same time remaining out of intruder’s sight. Operating principle of radiofrequency security systems is based on the principle of electromagnetic field’s parameters variation when a foreign object gets into its operating zone. Radiofrequency security systems can be applied for perimeter protection of different objects and are erected on various perimeter sections, fences and barriers or even can be installed below ground level without impairing its effectiveness in the field of guarded territory’s trespasser detection. Radiofrequency and hard-wired radiofrequency systems can be used for perimeter security.

Hard-wired radiofrequency security system’s control zone for sensing foreign objects uses a detector and a transmitter of ultra-short wave band with receiving antenna and transmitting antenna. Two parallel stretched electrical conductors are used as radiofrequency system’s antennas. Pigtail of receiving and transmitting electric conductors can be installed on the surface of buildings, fences and barriers for detecting malefactors attempting to overcome them. When monitoring areas of a guarded object’s perimeter which are for whatever reason open, radiofrequency perimeter security systems with sensors deepened in the ground at little depth may be applied. Similar systems are called ‘leaky wave line’ and a strip 3-4 m in width and up to 1 m in height is usually monitored by them. That is more than sufficient for intruder detection.

Production Group Caiman supplies and performs installation of radiofrequency security systems on objects of any complexity. Depending on guarded object’s type and of surrounding area, Caiman Company’s specialists will advise on the best possible completing of the comprehensive perimeter protection system using both engineering perimeter security systems – Egoza barbed wire and other security barriers and electronic security systems including radiofrequency perimeter security systems. Warranty is provided for radiofrequency security system’s equipment and for all kinds of installation works on the territory of a protected object.