Vibration safety systems

Vibration systems of perimeter security

Caiman Company offers its customers vibration safety systems. Operating principle of vibration safety systems of objects consists in registering mechanical shocks produced by an intruder when attempting to surpass the protected perimeter or to break engineering means of its protection. One of advantages of vibration security systems is a possibility of using them on constructions of different type – both on barbed wire, razor wire fences and on Egoza concertina barriers, as well as on solid concrete structures.

Vibration perimeter security systems of objects basically use a dedicated detection cable which is an analogy of the reluctance microphone. Such a cable registers slightest structure shocks on which it has been installed and transmits electric oscillation to the analyzing device. The analyzing device in its turn determines the type of impact on the guarded object differentiating natural sounds from malefactors’ attempts of trespassing on the protected area.

Production Group Caiman sells and performs the installation works of vibration safety systems on different object types. Maximum efficiency of application of vibration security systems can be reached only in combination with effective engineering protective systems of an object as well as with other technical security solutions and video surveillance systems. Warranty is provided on all executed works and on supplied equipment.

When installing a vibration sensor on spiral barriers, it is recommended to use Egoza-Super barriers with a diameter of 600-800 mm with 5 clips, as well as Egoza-Super barriers with a diameter of 1100 mm and more with 7 or more clips to reduce false positives.