HD SDI cameras

HD SDI cameras for Caiman video surveillance systems

Caiman Production Group suggests HD SDI cameras for video surveillance systems. Utilization of mentioned standard cameras makes possible to receive the image of the highest quality and to use digital communication channels for data transmission. HD SDI standard (High-Definition Serial Digital Interface) or SMPTE 292M is high definition serial digital interface. For data transmission mainly co-axial cable is used, but twisted-pair cable with special transmitters can also be applicable.

The main distinctive feature of HD SDI video surveillance cameras is high definition. Cameras of the mentioned standard provide digital image transmission in Full HD – 1920x1080 pixels definition, what exceeds greatly definition of ordinary cameras, composing approximately 720x576 pixels. High definition of HD SDI cameras enables to increase surveillance efficiency of enclosed territory, even the slightest details cannot escape and the highest quality of image on the tracking monitor will be provided.

High zoom is one of the main virtues of HD SDI cameras. If to compare these cameras with the ordinary ones having the same size mold, 2 megapixels approximately, the image transmitted by ordinary camera will be much worse than the one transmitted by HD SDI camera. The difference is concluded in usage of compression by IP cameras before signal transmission to digital video recorder substantially worsening the image quality; at the same time the image from HD SDI is not compressed and is transmitted to the video recorder in unmodified state, without any distortions. Thanks to this special feature HD SDI cameras match greatly the intellectual video surveillance systems, where recognition of automobiles’ identification numbers, human faces and other refined objects are necessary.

As HD SDI cameras are equipped by high zoom mold and by high-speed video transmission channels, they need high-quality lenses. The optical objective for HD SDI camera should supply perfect image quality in the central part and in periphery as well, otherwise it is impossible to use the whole potential of HD SDI cameras because of image quality loss in the objective.

Camera’s sensibility is the main parameter, up to which the practical range in video surveillance systems depends. It is well known that mainly IP cameras differ from digital ones by small sensibility and that is a serious demerit for their usage. HD SDI cameras do not have such a shortcoming, at present, by sensibility they are in the same row with analogue ones, securing better image; the use of powerful fast lenses can additionally increase HD SDI cameras sensibility. Besides, in HD SDI cameras of video surveillance WDR broad dynamic range regime is possible. In HD SDI cameras not only digital processing for range extension is used, but dual image scan with different exposure and frame consolidation into one visual content.

Caiman Production Group recommends these clients who are interested in high security level of enclosed object to pay special attention at HD SDI video surveillance cameras’ capabilities. Simplicity of use and high quality of image thoroughly recover the cost of HD SDI cameras and enable to receive high security level of the territories with mentioned cameras video surveillance. Caiman Production Group will work out the best variant of video surveillance for any object and fulfil all security systems installation works; works and equipment are under durable warranty.