Concertina trademark

Caiman trademark is registered in Ukraine (Certificates No 108223, 110687 and 129832), in Russian Federation (Certificate No 429209) and in Kazakhstan (Certificate No 35388). Caiman trademark is used by Caiman Production Group for product marking and advertising according to respective commodity groups specified in trade mark certificates – Caiman wire-reinforced barbed tape and Caiman razor-barbed barriers of higher efficiency.

On the territory of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan Caiman trademark is used by Caiman Production Group for marking, promoting and sales of highly effective Caiman reinforced barbed tape (Caiman barbed wire), Caiman razor barbed barriers (Caiman security barrier) as well as flat wraps, mobile security and other types of Caiman razor barbed obstacles made of Caiman reinforced barbed wire.

Caiman Production Group uses Caiman trademark on the basis certificates issued by patent authorities of Russian Federation, Ukraine and of Kazakhstan as well as on basis of licenses provided by the right holder. For production and sales of appropriate commodity group under Caiman trade mark right holder’s license or certificate should be provided, otherwise such a use will be considered a serious law infringement with respective consequences for all parties to such contracts.