Cobra trademark

Cobra trademark is registered in Ukraine (Certificate No133894), in Russian Federation (Certificate No455960) and in Kazakhstan (Certificate No35238). Caiman Production Group has legal right to use Cobra mark on the territory of these countries for purposes of production, advertising and sales of its products according to commodity group specified in trade mark certificate – spiral razor barbed barriers of special construction and of high efficiency.

On the territory of Ukraine, Russian Federation and Kazakhstan Caiman Production Group manufactures and sells modern, highly effective razor barbed obstacles made of Egoza, Egoza-Super of Caiman razor wire under Cobra trademark. A distinctive characteristic of Cobra trade mark barriers is use of double concertina, what improves Cobra protective properties considerably in comparison with traditional security barriers made of Egoza or Concertina barbed wire.

Caiman Production Group uses Cobra mark absolutely legally, what is proved by certificates issued by patent authorities of Ukraine, Russian Federation and of Kazakhstan, as well as by licenses provided by this trademark’s right holder. Construction of Cobra barrier is also protected by licenses of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, that is why only the owner of complete set of permits is authorized to manufacture and sell articles under this trade mark. Without any certificates and licenses on Cobra trade mark use any attempt to manufacture or sell products under this trade mark is absolutely illegal.