Concertina trademark

Concertina trademark is registered in Ukraine (Certificates No 108224 and No 133907) and in Kazakhstan (Certificate No 36491). Caiman Production Group has right to use Concertina trade mark use with purpose of marking, advertising, sales of products according to commodity groups specified in the certificates on the territory of these countries. Under this trademark Caiman Production Group produces and sells Concertina wire-reinforced barbed tape with small cross-section and Concertina razor barbed barriers with small coil’s diameter.

Caiman Production Group manufactures, advertises and sells the following articles – Concertina wire-reinforced barbed tape (Concertina barbed wire) with small core’s cross-section and Concertina razor barbed barriers (Concertina barbed tape obstacle) on the territory of Ukraine as well as on the territory of Kazakhstan under Concertina trademark.

Legal right to use the Concertina trade mark by Caiman Production Group is proved by certificates issued by patent authorities of respective states and by license agreement on use of this trade mark provided by its owner. Other manufacturers or suppliers of similar products have right to sell it under Concertina trademark only provided that licenses have been provided by rightholders of the trade mark, otherwise this trademark use shall be considered as legislation violation.