Egoza trademark

Egoza trade mark is registered in Ukraine (Certificates No 90618 and No 1341130), in Russian Federation (Certificate No 414965), in Kazakhstan (Cetrificates No 35056 and No 36474). Caiman Production Group has legal right to use Egoza trademark according to respective commodity groups specified in certificates. They include Egoza reinforced barbed tape; Egoza composite barbed tape as well as concertina obstacles made of Egoza metal and composite wire-reinforced barbed tape produced by Caiman Production Group.

Egoza trademark is used for marking, advertising and sales of one of main product’ types of Caiman Production Group – Egoza wire-reinforced barbed tape (Egoza barbed wire) and Egoza security barriers (Egoza concertina) on the territory of Ukraine. Egoza trade mark is used for marking, advertising and sales of Egoza razor barded tape of composite material, worked out by Caiman Production Group specialists as well as of Egoza razor barbed obstacles made of composite razor barbed tape on the territory of Russian Federation. In Kazakhstan the trade mark Egoza is used for marking, promotion and sales of several types of Egoza razor wire concertina (Egoza barbed wire) and for Egoza spiral barriers (Egoza security barrier).

Other manufactures on the territory of above mentioned countries have the right to use Egoza trade mark use only if they have certificates or licenses provided by the right holder otherwise such use shall be regarded as illegal.